WebRTC/RTP Server

DirectShow Filter for streaming media in the network


WebRTC/RTP Server is a DirectShow Filter for sending media streams from the graph to the network. It gets encoded video or audio streams and send them by the network to peers wia WebRTC compatible protocols. The filter performs a renderer function and must be placed as a sink filter in the graph (the last filter in the graph chain).


  • Compatible with most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge
  • Compatibility with most mobile and desktop devices running on operating systems Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android.
  • Supports secure connections using SRTP and DTLS.
  • Supports video encoders H.264/AVC, VP8, VP9.
  • Supports audio encoders Opus, PCMA(G.711a), PCMU(G.711u).
  • Contains built-in HTTP signaling server for exchanging SDP information with WebRTC peers.
  • Received streams can be displayed in browsers without Adobe Flash object.

Supported Formats

  • H.264/AVC video
  • VP8 video
  • VP9 video
  • Opus audio
  • a-Law/PCMA/G.711a audio
  • u-Law/PCMU/G.711u audio

Supported Standards

See Also

You Might Also Need

  • H.264/AVC Encoder - H.264/AVC DirectShow video encoder.
  • Video Generator - DirectShow filter for generating a video stream with the required parameters and a synchronized audio stream

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  • Audio Mixer - DirectShow filter for real-time mixing of multiple mono, stereo or multichannel audio streams. It can be useful when working with third-party audio codecs

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Single Application License1750 USD

Single Developer License2950 USD

Team License3950 USD