Audio Mixer

DirectShow filter for real-time mixing of multiple mono, stereo or multichannel audio streams.


The Audio Mixer DirectShow filter mixes any number of mono, stereo or multichannel PCM or float streams with 8 to 32 bit depth with unlimited flexibility.


  • Real-time mixing.
  • Up to 64 mono, stereo or multichannel (up to 32 channels) input or output pins.
  • From 8 to 32 bits per mono audio sample for any input and output stream.
  • Unlimited mixing flexibility: any channel from an input pin can be mixed to any channel of an output pin with user-defined bit depth.
  • Dynamic range compression to eliminate volume overflow (more information on Wikipedia).
  • Seeking support.

Supported Content

  • Input/output format: simple (WAVE_FORMAT_PCM), multichannel (WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE) or float (WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT) Audio.
  • Audio frequencies must be the same for all input and output streams.

Future Extentions

  • Resampling (connections with different audio frequencies will be allowed).
3 stereo inputs are mixed into one stereo output.
3 stereo inputs are mixed into one stereo output.

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