Video Generator

DirectShow filter for generating a video stream with the required parameters and a synchronized audio stream


The Video Generator filter is designed to test DirectShow applications and filters by generating a video stream and a synchronized audio stream.


  • Selecting the source mode ("Live" or "File") with choice of stream duration in "File source" mode or timestamp source in "Live Source" mode.
  • Selecting properties of generated video frames (progressive/field 1 top/field 1 bottom, colorimetry, conversions, etc.). The image details of the frames can be used to test the various functions of the connected filters.
  • Selecting the parameters of the video stream (resolution, FPS, interlace type and flags).
  • Choice of output color space (out of 20 possible color spaces).
  • Choice of output video format (VideoInfo or VideoInfo2).
  • Selecting the parameters of the audio stream (sampling frequency, duration of DirectShow samples, sound frequency).
  • Selecting a test to check the operation of the connected filters.
  • Special function to check network latency in remote graphs (paired with Video Transformer filter).

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