Video Generator

DirectShow filter for generating a video stream with the necessary parameters, for creating video frames for checking chroma key, for outputting an audio stream synchronized with video, and much more.


The Video Generator filter is designed to test DirectShow applications and filters by generating a video stream and a synchronized audio stream.


  • Selecting the source mode ("Live" or "File") with choice of stream duration in "File source" mode or timestamp source in "Live Source" mode.
  • Selecting properties of generated video frames (progressive/field 1 top/field 1 bottom, colorimetry, conversions, etc.). The image details of the frames can be used to test the various functions of the connected filters.
  • Selecting the parameters of the video stream (resolution, FPS, interlace type and flags).
  • Choice of output color space (out of 20 possible color spaces).
  • Choice of output video format (VideoInfo or VideoInfo2).
  • Creation of YUV or RGB video frames for checking chromakey
  • Selecting the parameters of the audio stream (sampling frequency, duration of DirectShow samples, sound frequency).
  • Selecting a test to check the operation of the connected filters.
  • Special function to check network latency in remote graphs (paired with Video Transformer filter).
Specifications and description of user interfaces can be found in the .idl file in the \Idl folder of the filter installation directory.

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