MXF Reader

DirectShow filter for reading and demultiplexing MXF files and playlists.


The MXF (Material Exchange Format) Reader is a DirectShow filter for MXF playback. It reads MXF files and demultiplexes them into its DV-DIF, MPEG ES Video, JPEG2000 and PCM Audio data streams for further processing or rendering. The filter performs the function of both file reader and splitter (demultiplexer) and should be the source filter in a graph.


  • MXF Operational Patterns: OP1a and OPAtom.
  • Supports for reading files which are still being written and growing.
  • Handled Essences: DV-DIF, D10(MPEG IMX), MPEG ES Video, JPEG2000, AVC(H264), DNxHD(VC-3), AES3-BWF Audio.
  • Supports PANASONIC AVC-Intra files and sets.
  • Supports Sony DVCAM, Sony IMX, Sony XDCAM-HD/ES files.
  • Supports Canon XF-AVC, Canon XF-HEVC files.
  • Supports Avid DNxHD and DV files
  • Extracts and decripts essences encripted by AES algorithm.
  • Extracts header metadata to XML stream.
  • Supports Avid OP2b files with external essenses
  • Supports XML-based playlists for sets of MXF files
Specifications and description of user interfaces can be found in the .idl file in the \Idl folder of the filter installation directory.

Supported Formats

  • DV/DVCR (IEC 61834)
  • DV25/DVCPRO 25 (SMPTE 314M)
  • DV50/DVCPRO 50 (SMPTE 314M)
  • DV100/DVCPRO 100/DVCPRO HD (SMPTE 370)
  • MPEG-2 525 encoded using ISO/IEC 13818-2 (MPEG-2)
  • MPEG-2 625 encoded using ISO/IEC 13818-2 (MPEG-2)
  • MPEG HD encoded using ISO/IEC 13818-2 (MPEG-2) Main Profile at High Level
  • JPEG2000 video
  • AVC(H264) video
  • HEVC(H265) video
  • DNxHD (VC-3) video
  • Audio PCM 32 - 32-bit PCM audio
  • Audio PCM 24 - 24-bit PCM audio
  • Audio PCM 16 - 16-bit PCM audio
  • Auduo encoded by A-Law algorithm
  • Audio packets according by AES-3

Supported MXF Standards

  • SMPTE 336M: Data Encoding Protocol using Key-Length-Value
  • SMPTE 377M: Material Exchange Format (MXF) - File Format Specification
  • SMPTE 378M: Operational pattern 1A (Single Item, Single Package)
  • SMPTE 379M: MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 381M: Mapping MPEG Streams into the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 382M: Mapping AES3 and Broadcast Wave Audio into the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 383M: Mapping DV-DIF Data to the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 386M: Mapping Type D-10 Essence Data to the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 390M: Specialized Operational Pattern "Atom" (Simplified Representation of a Single Item)
  • SMPTE 422M: Mapping JPEG 2000 Codestreams into the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 429-6 / ISO 26429-6:2008: MXF Track File Essence Encryption
  • SMPTE 434: XML Encoding for Metadata and File Structure Information
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. Specification of Content Data Structure on P2 Card.

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