MXF Writer

DirectShow muxer and writer for MXF files.


MXF Writer is a DirectShow filter for multiplexing audio and video streams into an MXF stream and writing them to a file. Compared to the previously available MXF Muxer, the Writer also writes the actual MXF files, which allows us to support multi-file MXF formats such as Panasonic P2.

If you need to read MXF media, please see our MXF Reader filter.


  • MXF Operational Patterns: OP1a and OPAtom.
  • Supports SONY DVCam
  • Supports Omneon MPEG-2
  • Supports AVCi video contaners
  • Supports SONY IMX
  • Supports Sony XDCAM HD/XDCam HD-422/XDCam EX
  • Supports PANASONIC P2 DV-DIF and AVC-Intra
  • Supports MXF track essence encryption - coming soon!

Supported MXF Containers

  • DV frame wrapped
  • MPEG ES video frame wrapped
  • PCM and AIFF audio frame wrapped
  • D10 video and audio

Supported MXF Standards

  • SMPTE 336M: Data Encoding Protocol using Key-Length-Value
  • SMPTE 377M: Material Exchange Format (MXF) - File Format Specification
  • SMPTE 378M: Operational pattern 1A (Single Item, Single Package)
  • SMPTE 379M: MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 381M: Mapping MPEG Streams into the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 382M: Mapping AES3 and Broadcast Wave Audio into the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 383M: Mapping DV-DIF Data to the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 386M: Mapping Type D-10 Essence Data to the MXF Generic Container
  • SMPTE 390M: Specialized Operational Pattern "Atom" (Simplified Representation of a Single Item)
  • SMPTE 429-6 / ISO 26429-6:2008: MXF Track File Essence Encryption
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. Specification of Content Data Structure on P2 Card.

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