QuickSync Encoder

DirectShow filter for encoding 8-bit 4:2:0 progressive or interlaced video frames in HEVC, H264 or MPEG-2 formats.


QuickSync Encoder is a DirectShow filter for encoding 8-bit 4:2:0 progressive or interlaced video frames in HEVC, H264 or MPEG-2 formats. Filter based on IntelĀ® Media SDK with Intel QuickSync GPU support and hardware acceleration.

Support for encoders depends on the type of Windows (32 or 64 bit), installed video driver (for hardware encoding) and input format (interlaced or progressive):

  • H264 and MPEG-2, 32 and 64 bits: hardware and software
  • HEVC 64 bits: hardware, software or GACC (the last two are for progressive frames only)
  • HEVC 32 bits: only hardware encoding
The 32-bit and 64-bit software libraries and HEVC software/GACC plug-ins from the latest Intel Media SDK (2019R1) are included in the installer.

The output bitstreams are encoded as raw byte streams or MPEG-4 streams (with a prefix length word according to ISO/IEC 14496-15 and ISO/IEC 14496-17) depending on the connection media type. The list of supported input/output mediatypes and interfaces can be found in \Idl\QSEncoder.idl file in the filter installation folder.

NOTE. The HEVC software encoder has a very large latency: the first encoded bitstream will be ready only after loading about 2 x number of CPUs input frames into the filter.


  • Supports hardware and software 8 bit 4:2:0 encoding in HEVC, H264 and MPEG-2 formats.
  • Additional graphics cards do not interfere with hardware encoding
  • GPU/Multicore/Hyper Threading support.
  • Bitrate change "on the fly" (during capture).
  • SSE/SSE2/SSE3/AVX ASM color conversion optimization.
  • CABAC/CAVLC for H264.
  • I, P and B slices.
  • AVC-Intra support.
  • AVC1/HVC1 file and byte stream formats support.
  • Progressive or interlaced frames.
  • Key frame forced insertion method.
  • Selecting the desired input color space (subtype) and format using the IAVOPinConnect interface.
Specifications and description of user interfaces can be found in the .idl file in the \Idl folder of the filter installation directory.

Supported Standards

  • ISO/IEC 13818-2 / ITU-T Rec. H.262
  • ISO/IEC 14496-10 / ITU-T Rec. H.264
  • ITU-T H.265
  • ISO/IEC 14496-15
  • QuickTime File Format Specification

Known Issues

  • Enhanced Video Renderer problem.
    We have found that when running AVObjects QuickSync Encoder/Decoder with hardware acceleration and Enhanced Video Renderer, the Intel Media SDK methods quite often return the MFX_ERR_DEVICE_FAILED error. As a result, encoding/decoding must be stopped and restarted (with possible side effects such as loss of memory and resources) and there will be breaks in the video. Many MFX_WRN_DEVICE_BUSY warnings may also be returned, causing encoding/decoding to hang.
    The problem occurs on 12th Gen Intel Core Processors (tested on i3-1215u and i9-12900HK) and may also occur on 11th to 13th Gen Intel Core processors. We recommend replacing Enhanced Video Renderer with Video Renderer or Video Mixing Renderer when using hardware acceleration in AVObjects QSEncoder/QSDecoder on 12th Gen Intel Core processors. Let us know if this happens on other processors.

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