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DirectShow Filters

ProductDescriptionLatest Version
AAC EncoderA high-performance AAC audio encoder. [ Feb 03, 2023 ]download
Audio LevelProvides support for level processing of an audio stream. [ Apr 06, 2021 ] download
Audio MixerDirectShow filter for real-time mixing of multiple mono, stereo or multichannel audio streams. [ Feb 17, 2023 ] download
Audio/Video SynchronizerDirectShow filter for synchronizing audio & video from live sources. [ Feb 23 2016 ] download
DeinterlacerDirectShow filter for deinterlacing using an Motion Adaptive algorithm. [ Feb 26, 2020 ]download
DelayerDirectShow filter to delay uncompressed video or audio streams in buffering or waiting modes. [ Jul 01, 2023 ]download
DICOM ReaderDirectShow reader filter for DICOM files. [ Aug 10, 2017 ] download
DV DecoderDirectShow filter for decoding DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD video streams. [ Jun 21, 2023 ] download
DV SplitterDirectShow filter for splitting a digital video (DV) stream into its component video and audio streams. Supports DV25, DV50 and DV100. [ Jun 21, 2023 ] download
DV EncoderA high-performance DVCPRO video encoder. [ Nov 14, 2022 ] download
GXF/LXF ReaderDirectShow filter for reading and demultiplexing GXF and LXF files. [ May 19, 2019 ] download
H.264/AVC DecoderH.264/AVC DirectShow video decoder. [ Nov 21, 2023 ] download
H.264/AVC EncoderH.264/AVC DirectShow video encoder. [ Sep 03, 2020 ] download
M-JPEG DecoderHigh-quality M-JPEG video decoding DirectShow filter with ARGB32 (alpha channel) support. [ Oct 18, 2016 ] download
M-JPEG EncoderHigh-quality M-JPEG video encoder DirectShow filter with ARGB32 (alpha channel) support. [ Jul 13, 2018 ] download
MP3 & AAC Audio DecoderDecoder for MP3 and AAC audio streams with the ability to switch dynamically between streams. [ Feb 03, 2023 ] download
MP4 & QuickTime SplitterSplitter (demultiplexer) for MP4 and QuickTime video files. [ Jun 07, 2022 ] download
MP4 & QuickTime WriterDirectShow filter for multiplexing and writing .mp4 and .mov files. [ May 17, 2022 ] download
MPEG-2 DecoderA DirectShow filter for high-quality decoding of MPEG-2 video streams. [ Mar 19, 2020 ] download
MPEG-4 DecoderMPEG-4 DirectShow video decoder. [ Jul 17, 2018 ]download
MXF ReaderDirectShow filter for reading and demultiplexing MXF files and playlists. [ Dec 15, 2021 ]download
MXF WriterDirectShow muxer and writer for MXF files. [ Sep 21, 2023 ]download
QT based DecoderQT SDK based decoder for ProRes, H264 and other encoded video streams. [ Nov 03, 2017 ]download
QuickSync DecoderDirectShow filter for decoding 8-bit 4:2:0 progressive or interlaced video frames encoded in H264 format. [ Sep 16, 2023 ]download
QuickSync EncoderDirectShow filter for encoding 8-bit 4:2:0 progressive or interlaced video frames in HEVC, H264 or MPEG-2 formats. [ Sep 26, 2023 ]download
Resizer FilterDirectShow filter to resize uncompressed video frames using several algorithms. [ Aug 10, 2018 ]download
RTMP ServerDirectShow Filter for streaming media in the network1.0.0.1 [ Jan 22, 2018 ]download
VANC DecoderDirectshow filter for decoding VITC data from VANC area of frames1.0.7.0 [ Dec 09, 2015 ]download
Video ConverterDirectShow filter for deinterlacing, resizing, changing FPS, color space and format. [ Sep 11, 2019 ]download
Video Frame CaptureDirectShow filter for capture selected frame from uncompressed video stream. [ Dec 01, 2015 ]download
Video MixerDirectShow filter for real-time mixing of video streams, pictures and texts1.9.9.24 [ Dec 06, 2023 ]download
Video RotatorDirectShow filter for rotate images on the fly. [ Feb 10, 2016 ]download
WebRTC/RTP ServerDirectShow Filter for streaming media in the network2.2.0.0 [ Jan 21, 2022 ] download

Media Objects

ProductDescriptionLatest Version
MPEG-4 CutterCOM-object for cut off unnecessary fragments, dividing MPEG-4 files into parts, cutting and saving "on the fly" parts of the current recording file. [ Jun 12, 2020 ]download

Freeware Filters

ProductDescriptionLatest Version
A/V Synchro CheckerDirectShow filter for synchronization of audio/video streams. [ Dec 16, 2015 ]download
Log ObjectLog object for logging the parameters of the DS graph. [ Apr 12, 2023 ]download
Opus EncoderOpus Encoder for encode PCM stream to Opus format. [ Feb 01, 2022 ]download
Spy FilterDirectShow filter for tracing (together with the log object) connections, positioning, data flow, etc, to save input Direct Show samples to file(s). [ Mar 12, 2023 ]download
Timecode RendererFilter to display TIMECODE_SAMPLE data. [ Jan 25, 2017 ]download
Video GeneratorDirectShow filter for generating a video stream with the necessary parameters, for creating video frames for checking chroma key, for outputting an audio stream synchronized with video, and much more. [ Feb 27, 2023 ]download
Video TransformerDirectShow filter for conversions of uncompressed video stream. [ Aug 11, 2021 ]download
Wave GeneratorDirectShow filter to generate a multichannel sine wave with the required bit depth, amplitude, frequency, etc. [ Apr 07, 2021 ]download